Well, The Ecohousewives and Little Black Cat Organics have teamed up to do a Giveaway! There are two prizes:

1st Place is a prize pack that includes:

  1. One size Bamboo/Organic Cotton Fitted Diaper – fits approx. newborn to 35+ lbs
  2. 8 Bamboo/Organic Cotton Cloths Wipes – measure approx. 9″x9″
  3. Medium Pull-up Recycled, Felted Wool Soaker – fits approx. 10-22lbs
  4. Rose Water and Lavender Hemp Baby Lotion – 4oz bottle
  5. Green Bum Balm Diaper Rash Salve – 1.7oz jar



2nd Place is a $15 Gift Certificate to use towards anything from Little Black Cat Organics

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Cloth Diaper Obsession Turned Business

One of the only things I didn't make... A Grovia cover. How could I resist that super cute print!?

One of the only things I didn’t make… A Grovia cover. How could I resist that super cute print!?

I knew I was going to cloth diaper my son before I even became pregnant with him. From the time we began thinking about kids I knew that would be the case. I learned to sew as a small girl so, for me, it was also a no-brainer that I would make them myself. And luckily I wasn’t working so I had a lot of time to fill!

I started off with a simple pattern for fitted diapers and some covers. From there I tried my hand at AIOs (All in One diapers are a diaper that have an absorbent and waterproof layer all in one so you don’t need anything else). I made cloth wipes, two diaper bags, and a diaper change pad. I experimented with different types of fabric, and different diapering systems. To be honest, I was a little obsessed with making diapers and diaper related accessories.

My sons’s entire diaper stash is huge, and I made them all. Does he need as many as I made? No, definitely not. I made him swim diapers, and bibs. I made a lot of stuff! All that obsessive sewing did lead me to somewhere, though. I decided to start my own business! I love making cloth diapers, so why not share that love with everyone.

Little Black Cat Organics Facebook Page

Little Black Cat Organics Facebook Page

It was hard finding time with a very active baby boy getting into everything and a husband who works out of town but I have worked hard on perfecting a diaper that I could be proud to sell and discovering what fabrics I loved the most. I use only natural fabrics. With all my experimenting I’ve fallen in love with them. I mean I wish all my own clothing was only natural fabrics. They are breathable, gently on your skin, and good for the environment – with the exception of some fabrics which must be grown organically to be good for you and the environment. Cotton, for example, when grown and harvested traditionally uses various pesticides and chemicals and is not anywhere close to being “fair trade”. For this reason I try to also be socially responsible in my search and purchase of fabric. I buy all organic fabrics (and fair trade as much as possible) and try to buy local (which can be hard but you can at least support local small businesses that sell fabric). My favorite fabric has to be hemp. It is highly sustainable, grows very well without the use of pesticides or chemicals, grows quickly, and does not deplete soil nutrients, not to mention hemp fabric is super absorbent, soft, strong, antimicrobial, and mildew resistant! You can find almost any type of fabric you need made from hemp.


Basically, I stay away from petroleum fabrics (polyester, microfibre, etc). People like the “stay dry” abilities of them, but I’ve only found that they equal more diaper rash and less absorption. Synthetic fibres don’t actually absorb wetness. They trap it in between each fibre, which means they will be susceptible to compression leaks – leaks caused by putting pressure on the object, like a sponge for example. So I’m not so sure how much the baby actually feels dry – sure when you take the diaper off it feels dryish but it’s not being put under any pressure. And since when has your baby or toddler not spent their whole day falling on their butt, sitting on their butt, laying on their backs, moving around all over the place. Seems like the wetness would constantly be getting squished out of the traps. And besides, my son seems to not care either way. He has never made a fuss whatsoever about his butt feeling wet!

So it has taken me over a year to finally get set up. I’ve started small – with just the items I love to make most. But with more and more time on my hands as my son gets older and more independent, I’m exploring more things and will add more and more as I go. I’m excited to see where my small little business will take me!

Stop by and take a look if you have the time.


– Written by Nicole