Meet the Eco Housewives!

The Eco Housewives met in high school, in the colder parts of British Columbia. Although being eco-friendly came low on the list of high school priorities, I am pretty sure we recycled empty drink containers. After graduation, high school friendships drifted apart as husbands, careers, and babies kept us busy and moved us away. Once Facebook rolled around, we started to get back in touch – and noticed a similar pattern to our wall posts. Natural cleaning alternatives, cloth diaper contests, canning, gardening; they were all clearly items that held our interest. So here we are – exploring how to make that switch to a cleaner, greener lifestyle – and sharing it with you! The year of our 10 year high school graduation anniversary, we decided to start one more group project – minus the glue sticks and class presentations. Welcome!

Credit - Sakura Photography

Credit – Sakura Photography


Andrea lives in the sunny Okanagan with her husband and their 2 beautiful daughters.
During her first pregnancy she started feeling the need to purge her household of unnecessary chemicals and started making her own cleaning products. With the arrival of their daughter, Andrea felt the need to make more eco-friendly choices and quickly fell in love with her grain mill, canning pot and lovely vegetable garden. When Andrea isn’t busy laundering cloth diapers, she enjoys finding new ways to be a better steward of the resources that God has given us.

Aubrey profileAubrey:

Aubrey lives in Southern Alberta with her husband and an adorable pomeranian-dashund mix named Kiely.
Aubrey was raised by a mother who baked, canned, and used phrases like “you need to be a good steward of your environment.”
Once married and on her own, Aubrey began exploring the options out there to better be that “good steward.” She started slowly with small things, like recycling and compact flourescent bulbs. Now Aubrey has expanded her skills. Her neighbour says she makes the best canned pickles (probably all the extra garlic) and she is slowly weaning her husband off of chemicals for cleaning the house and switching to more natural options.

Credit - Krista Lee Photography

Credit – Krista Lee Photography


Nicole lives in Southern BC with her husband and young son.

She was raised in a small community on well water, homegrown food from her grandmother’s garden, and homemade pickles.
When Nicole ventured out on her own, remembering how much she loved those delicious, homemade pickles, she decided to make them herself. Those pickles turned into a variety of home canned goods and a love of gardening. Soon that was followed by experimenting with eco-friendly options all over the home, and she continues to find ways to better serve her environment and her family through recycling and upcycling, and cutting down on chemicals around the home and in the pantry.