The Great Big Microwave Challenge

The microwave. Fast, efficient…healthy?
This month, I am challenging all of you, along with the other Eco Housewives, to ditch your microwave for one month! It may seem like a major challenge, but really think about how often you use the microwave, and what simple changes you could make to cut it out. I bet you use it, and need it, less than you think!
I have been kicking around the idea of ditching our microwave for some time now, but have hesitated actually taking the plunge. I don’t have any extreme evidence against microwaves, but my biggest issues with them are:

• They ruin the taste and texture of food
• They don’t cook evenly
• People often microwave using plastic, which can leach chemicals into your food
• Microwaving can kill many of the vital nutrients found in food

For more information on some of my reasons for “quitting the microwave,” have a look here. Keep in mind that this is not our article and it might have a few extreme claims.

When it comes down to it, I don’t use my microwave much anymore. We reheat leftovers, thaw meat in a hurry, and pop the occasional bag of popcorn. Even after his initial shock when I told him about our month without a microwave, The Husband shrugged it off and said “we don’t use it much anyway.” Either that or he knows that I might give in to a toaster oven if we clear off counter space.
So the changes are simple enough – heat leftovers on the stovetop, plan supper and thaw the meat early, and make air-popped popcorn. Problem solved, right? For you, it might mean steaming vegetables on the stove, or heating milk in a hot water bath. Perhaps it even means bringing more raw food into your diet. I bet these changes aren’t as bad as you think!

So this is where the one month challenge comes in. Before we kick the microwave to the curb, I want to be sure we can 100% be without it, without MAJOR inconvenience. And I think you should give it a try too! It is just one month!
Here is the challenge, a month without the microwave, to see if this plan is going to work.

The Ditch Your Microwave rules:
1. Let us know, in the com
ments section, if you are in for the challenge
2. Put a “DO NOT USE” sign on the front of the microwave
3. Avoid the microwave whenever possible
4. Keep a list on the fridge for the times you give in and use it (this is not an easy out option!)
5. ABSOLUTELY NO PLASTIC in the microwave
6. Decide, after one month, if you can give the microwave the boot
7. Let us know how it goes! Are we crazy? Do you have a love/ hate relationship with your microwave too?
8. I will check back in at the end of May and let you know the outcome!



2 thoughts on “The Great Big Microwave Challenge

  1. We only use to thaw or reheat. I would have to be really organized about taking meat out of the freezer before I come home and plan ahead what we will eat. I’ll have to consider the challenge. Get back to ya on it! 🙂

    • I have started thawing my meat by putting a sealed bag with the meat in it in a sink of cold water – like the turkey at Thanksgiving! It isn’t as fast as the microwave, but works in a pinch. Just remember that for those concerned, this isn’t the “food safe” method.

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