My Medicine Cabinet Makeover

I’m a bleach girl. My Mum cleaned with bleach, and I always knew when she had just cleaned the house because our house smelled like a swimming pool. So, naturally, when I moved out I bought bleach and started cleaning with that too. Enter pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Abigail I started reading every pregnancy blog under the sun. I quickly learned that inhaling toxic chemicals was not a good idea, especially when pregnant. I remembered reading a blog post by our very own Aubrey about natural cleaners, so I texted her asking her for details and made up some of my own cleaners and ditched the store bought chemicals. Slowly throughout my pregnancy and after Abigail was born, I started to read research ways that I could rid our household of scary chemicals and unnecessary drugs etc. My medicine cabinet was one place that I tackled right before Abigail was born. Thankfully I had a fantastic naturopath doctor to help me. He was really great about helping me find lots of natural remedies, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites:


Colloidal Silver: This stuff is a powerful antibacterial and is great for ear infections, pink eye, styes and even sinus infections. Just spray it in your eye or ears–you can even put it in water to fight off colds or the flu. 


Oil of Oregano: My mother-in-law swears by this stuff. If I’m at her house with a cold, I do my best to hide it from her because without a doubt she tries to get me to drink some. It taste AWFUL, but I have to admit that this powerful antibacterial works! Use it if you feel a cold or flu coming on! My mother-in-law squirts a few drops on yogurt and ingests it that way. 


Oscillococcinum: This homeopathic remedy is great for the whole family-even babies! Take Oscillococcinum as soon as you start feeling run down or have other flu-like symptoms like the chills, or a headache! 


Arnica: I love this stuff! It was my best friend post-partum after Abigail was born.  It is WONDERFUL for bruising and swelling, but it is also great for emotional or physical shock and can be taken internally. 


Olbas Oil: This essential oil blend is lovely for clearing sinuses and I’ve found it works so much better than over the counter nasal sprays! 


Lavender Oil: Another great essential oil to keep handy, especially with active toddlers!  It is great for cuts and bruises and can be put directly on the affected area. Lavender oil is also good for acne. 


Tea tree oil: I LOVE the smell of tea tree oil (weird, I know, but I can’t help it). This is a potent antibacterial disinfectant and needs to be diluted. It can be used for acne treatment, a sore throat and congestion. It can even be used for dandruff and lice. The list of tea tree oil uses is extensive, but tea tree oil should be avoided if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.  


Probiotics: Probiotics are wonderful! I’ve been taking acidophilus for years!  Probiotics are good bacteria that when eaten in the right amount have many health benefits. Once in the colon, the bacteria multiply and help to keep a balance between the good and bad bacteria that live there. Probiotics should be taken if you’re prescribed antibiotics or if you’re trying to treat diarrhoea.

There are a lot more great natural remedies out there, but these are the ones that I am familiar with and work for our family. What about you? Have you tried any of these remedies, or do you have your own personal faves?

*Before trying any of these remedies, it’s always a good idea to consult an ND, pharmacist or (if applicable) your obstetrician.

~Written by Andrea


4 thoughts on “My Medicine Cabinet Makeover

  1. Thanks for this information Andrea! I am currently sick with a virus – throat, sinus, now this morning a headache – ugh! Maybe Rob should go buy me some Oscillococcinum or Oil of Oregano! Too bad I didn’t read this a few days ago…

    I just bought Tea Tree Oil and I like the smell too! I am using it on a rash on my leg and it seems to be helping it to heal.

    I don’t like taking drugs so this list of natural remedies and health boosters is great!

      • Am taking the oil with 1 Tbsp of Pomegranate juice. I think it just may be helping! I’m also looking into hemp oil health benefits.

      • Hemp seed oil is excellent! We use it often around here. It’s not great for high heat cooking though. I put it in smoothies or mix it with yogurt (it has a slightly nutty flavour). I also use hemp seeds in most of my baked goods. 🙂

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