My Chemical Romance – Getting your Spouse to Go Green

They say opposites attract. That is true for my husband and I in many ways. I say “ta-may-to,” he says “to-mah-to” type of thing.
This could not prove to be truer when it comes to my green approach to our home and health. It’s not that he doesn’t want to be healthy, but he has spent so many years buying into the norm that he has a tough time switching over. When we were first married, he thought the bathroom wasn’t clean unless someone had burning lungs from scrubbing the tub. And that person was usually me.
Some of you might be able to relate – you want a crunchy, green household and your spouse wants Fantastik and Scrub-Free.
So here is my advice – baby steps. I wish I could tell you the solution was replacing their bottle of moisturizer’s contents with almond oil, but they will likely figure that out.
Start with the parts of your household that you”control,” for lack of a better term. I do the majority of the cleaning in our house, so I made my own surface cleanser, and purchased cleaning products that were minimalist and friendly to the environment. He was happy as long as the house looked and smelled clean. The other day, when I pulled a powdered dishwasher detergent out of the shopping bag, he commented that he thought I needed that to be phosphate free. So I showed him the label. New brand, still friendly!
Personal care products are more “trial and error.” My trial, my errors – haha! I am my own personal Guinea pig. I make toothpaste and try it out until it is just right before passing him the tube. I tried out no shampoo, castile soap, oil cleansing, etc and he will give it a go if he sees it working out for me – usually.

We don’t even have kids yet and I am already working on him to buy into cloth diapers. He isn’t there yet but hey, we’ve got time!

It is an ongoing process. You can’t change someone overnight. Maybe he isn’t using almond oil as a moisturizer, but he passes me his products so I can read the labels and point out SLS, parabens, etc.

Marriages are give and take in every situation. While you might be ready to live off the grid, he might be ready to switch from canola to coconut oil. So embrace those small victories! Before you know it, he’ll be singing the praises of apple cider vinegar and baking soda right along with you!

The Eco Housewives Steps to Switching to be Chemical Free:

1. Household cleaners – surface, toilet, tub and floor (many times this can all be conquered with 1 or 2 homemade products)

2. Laundry and dish soap

3. Personal care – hair and body wash (or even no poo!)

4. Skin care – face wash and moisturizer

5. Dental care – toothpaste and mouthwash

6. The Bigger Picture (cut down on waste, grow and can your own veggies, your imagination is your guide!)

* Don’t worry, we’re not selfish – we will share our recipes with you soon!

– Written by Aubrey


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