Ramblings of a Post-Partum Mama

Our happy family of four!

Our happy family of four!

Matt and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of our beautiful daughter, Susanna Elisabeth Asha! She arrived early in the morning on Tuesday January 22nd, just  a few hours before I was scheduled to be induced. We were so thankful that this little one arrived before I was induced as I had to be induced with her older sister and labour and delivery with her was very long and very difficult!

Susanna’s birth was very quick-31 hours faster than Abigail’s! It was intense, and we almost didn’t make it to the hospital in time, but at least it was quick! The details of her birth are very fuzzy, but I’ll do my best to tell Susanna’s story. My biggest fear with labour was that Susanna would be OP (When a baby is head-down but facing your abdomen, she’s said to be in the occiput posterior (OP) position)! Abigail was OP and the back labour was HORRIBLE! Monday night (the night before I was to be induced) I spent a lot of time on my hands and knees, trying various yoga positions in the hope that this baby would not be OP. When I went into labour in the middle of the night, I was relieved that this baby seemed to be in the right position! The contractions were intense, but nowhere near as painful as the ones I had with Abigail. We left for the hospital about 3 hours after my labour started because after about 2 hours my contractions were already 4 minutes apart. I didn’t want to go to the hospital yet, but my husband and my mum thought it would be a good idea. It turns out they were right! When we got onto the bridge to get into Kelowna, I felt the baby turn and suddenly felt the urge to push. I have to admit I started panicking, but my ever calm husband didn’t say a word, he only sped up!! During this contraction I felt that old familiar pain in my back! The baby was definitely OP and the contractions were now all in my back! UGH! By the time we got to the hospital I was on my hands and knees in the car trying really hard not to push! Upon entering the hospital, the security guards asked if I wanted a wheelchair. I must’ve said yes, because they went looking for one and came back in what seemed like an eternity-Matt assured me it was only 1 minute later. PS-I don’t get the whole stick a woman who’s in labour into wheelchair thing….when Matt was trying to get me to the labour and delivery ward, I kept asking him to stop the wheelchair so that I could hop off and get on my hands and knees to “deal” with a contraction. By the time we got to the labour ward, I was basically ready to have the baby on the hospital floor, but the nurse took me into a room and somehow managed to get me into a gown and onto the bed. They called my doctor, who came very quickly and I started to push. I should mention that I was getting over the flu at the time, so I was very weak from that.I pushed for two hours, but because she was OP like her sister, she was stuck. Finally, after two hours, she turned! After she turned, she came out two contractions later!  Looking back it was probably good that she turned into an OP position on the bridge or else we would’ve had a baby born on the bridge that night!
I don’t remember much else from that night, I think I went into shock from the labour progressing so quickly, but I do remember Matt being there for me and helping me through each contraction. His claim to fame is that nurses from two different hospitals have told him what a great labour coach he is! I told him that he should quit  forestry and take up being a Doula! (He’s still on the fence about that). I also remember the moment Matt told me that we had another little girl and of course I remember when the doctor put her on my chest for the first time! I didn’t get to hold Abigail right away because of some complications with her birth, so it was so special for me to have my baby put on my chest right after she was born A true miracle!!
I want to end this post with two thoughts:
First, if you’re in labour and your baby is OP, there are a few positions that you can try to turn your baby.
  1. Polar Bear- on your knees with chest on the floor or bed, bottom in the air) for 20-40 minutes, then go to the hands and knees swaying. The polar bear helps baby get “unlocked” from the pelvis and helps allow him to turn.
  2. Standing or kneeling lunges – this widens one side of your pelvis and encourages rotation of the OP fetus. This is what finally encourages Susanna to turn! 
Finally, a few things I am thankful for:
1. My husband (the best doula a girl could ask for)
2. Another beautiful, healthy baby girl
3. A quick labour that didn’t result from an induction!
4. The ability to nurse (I have some friends who have had such a difficult time with this, and both my girls have been great feeders, so I am very thankful for that)
5. The fact that Susanna was born in a hospital and not on the William Bennett bridge!
-This post was written by Andrea 

7 thoughts on “Ramblings of a Post-Partum Mama

  1. Way to go Andrea! So happy for all of you. Susanna has been blessed to be born into a very loving home. Thanks for sharing your story – you actually remember a great deal! : ) I’m glad that your mum can be with you – very special indeed! Of course, she is head over heels about being there and I’m a little green with envy. Big hugs!

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