Happy New Year! Time to Diet, Right?

‘Tis the season…the season to get on the scale, pinch that inch you added over the holidays. The infamous New Year’s Resolution. 

There are days when I feel like I should be called The Heavy Housewife. For all my talk of homemade yogurt and stevia, I am a sucker for processed, sugar-laden foods. Bad day? Time for candy! One of my friends told my husband recently “gummy candy is Aubrey’s cocaine.” She isn’t far off. And isn’t admitting you have a problem the first step in fixing it?
And I have tried the “diets.” No sugar, high fat, low fat, calorie-counting, soup, shake diets. And (shocker!) they work for a bit and then the weight creeps right back in.

The hubs and I watched a documentary on Netflix recently called ” Hungry for Change.” And one of the speakers nailed it – he mentioned that we are, for the most part, intelligent people who know that these diets, these fads, aren’t going to work for the long term, but we do it anyway.
But “Hungry for Change” talks about so much more than that. It gets right to the heart of the issue. Why do we eat this way? What are our emotional triggers, our body’s genetic programs toward food, our food addictions?
But to me, the BEST part is all of the information it provides on the need we have for a proper, healthy, natural diet. And that doesn’t mean pre-packaged breakfast bars.
What is MSG? What does aspartame really do to my body? Why doesn’t that low-fat blueberry muffin make me skinny? Is sugar really addictive?
This documentary doesn’t use scare tactics or empty rumours, it simply lays out facts about what all that processed food is really doing to you.
I highly recommend you check it out – set aside the time to really listen, take some notes. Let it inspire what you need to put in your body, in order to get out of your body what we are all looking for – health.

For extra information, head over to their website. They have more details, and some great recipes and detoxification information.

So here’s to 2013 – let’s resolve to make informed, healthy choices for our bodies.

-This post was written by Aubrey


One thought on “Happy New Year! Time to Diet, Right?

  1. Good article Aubrey. I will take a look at the web site. Here is another site that you may find interesting. I believe Craving Change was developed by Registered Dietitians in Calgary (or possibly Edmonton) – it is a very good program that helps individuals understand whey they eat the way they do and how they can bring change to that part of their lifestyle. http://www.cravingchange.ca/

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